We educate. We walk alongside. We encourage. We love.


Our Mission

Our Mission is simple. We aim to encourage and walk alongside those who have been sexually exploited.

Walking with those who have experienced complex trauma is challenging. It requires so much from you. It requires empathy, compassion, love, patience and perseverance. It requires us getting in the trenches with them to help them see how worthy and loved they truly are.
— Veronica Bullock, Founder of The ReMade Campaign

What we do

  • We love speaking engagements! It gives us the opportunity to share about exploitations from a different perspective.

  • We raise awareness and educate the community on exploitation and how to be active in prevention.

  • We partner with organizations within the community to assist them in creating preventative programs.

  • Ministry! We walk along side those who have been exploited and encourage them to seek healing. We remind them they are worthy, loved and chosen.