Raising awareness about the Trauma from Sexual Exploitation.

Our hope is to enlighten your hearts and eyes to the great tragedy that exists in our world today. It doesn’t just happen in “other” countries, but in OUR Nation, in OUR State and in OUR City.  Sex Trafficking has become a multi-billion dollar criminal industry.  Trafficking is the legal term given to the crime. The act is Sexual Exploitation – someone is taking advantage of someone else to benefit themselves. The reality is women and children are being abused, broken and traumatized.

Sexual Exploitation and Trauma are grossly connected. Those who are exploited cannot simply walk away from the danger. After so many years, most do not see it as danger anymore, it is their way of life. This breaks my heart.

Whether you have never heard of sex trafficking before, or you have heard of it but do not believe it happens here, or you know it happens but feel as if you cannot do anything to contribute…we have something for you.

Join us on Saturday March 11th at Tresca on 8th to take a journey through the life of a woman who has been sexually exploited. Hear about the impact of trauma and how it skews our view of ourselves.  You might be surprised just how much you have in common!



This was our first fundraising event in March 2017. It was the first time we shared about trauma to strangers. We were blessed to have community members attend for dinner, building relationships and hearing about a topic so heavy. We had a great time!