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Our Vision for the future

Safe places of restoration are scarce in the United States. There are so many women and children being exploited, there are not enough resources to provide restorative care services for them. Many states do not have specific organizations trained to serve those exploited. Those who are trafficked and sexually exploited are deeply impacted by the trauma they experience. Many do not realize they are oppressed by traumatic events. It becomes just a way of life for them. Most restorative homes only serve a small number of women at a time due to the amount of trauma experienced and the length of time it takes to effectively heal. It is hard work. It requires compassionate care givers. It requires endurance.

As we continue to raise awareness and educate communities we are also raising funds for the future! Our hope is to offer a safe place for restoration. A place where women can come if they choose to leave the "lifestyle". A place where a woman has her own room. A place where a woman feels safe. A place where a woman can begin to heal.

We know this home will take some time, but we are SO excited to start raising funds while we continue to push forward with development.

If you feel lead to donate to the ReMade Campaign and want to donate specifically for the house, you can indicate so in your donation!


The ReMade Campaign



The mission is to raise awareness of sexual exploitation, who is at risk, educate communities on trauma, preventative measures and the challenges surrounding this issue. We desire to have the ability and resources to walk alongside women who have been trafficked, exploited or sexually abused on their journey to Restoration.


What we do

Sexual exploitation and trafficking is a public health issue!

Culture is obsessed with sex and most don't understand the deep trauma exploited people experience and endure.  Trauma impacts self-worth which then in turn impacts life choices and outlook. Our goal is to not only prevent and educate within central Virginia communities but also helps to restore the individuals effected. We are starting the change by:

Raising awareness on trauma, exploitation, and opportunities for central Virginia communities to be involved in prevention

Partnering with local organizations to develop preventative programs within the central Virginia community. 

Assist with services for women wanting to leave the "lifestyle" and begin their journey to restoration.


"Today we choose Freedom.”

Veronica Bullock  |  Founder

Our Story


My first mission trip was to Nicaragua in 2011. I was a new Christ follower and this whole year was God redeeming me. I'm not sure why I went on this trip. I had never desired to go on a mission trip. Our team went to help out at an organization that rescued women and children from forced prostitution or trafficking. Even though we knew the details of why these women and kids were there it didn't quite sink in until the end of the week. Our team was privileged to go into the brothels. We went to the marketplace - which is also where brothels are. On one side you have vegetables and the other you have women to be sold.

I still remember the smell of hot onions and cabbage. Walking the dirt roads with trash all over. And then we made it to the first brothel. As we arrived, I saw young women sitting in plastic chairs in a cement block building - if you can call it a building. The women were sitting on the front stoop all made up and trying to smile, as if they enjoyed being there. My eyes caught a very young looking girl. She wore white shorts and a blue shirt sitting in a plastic white chair. Her face covered in make up and her body language was stiff as if she was pretending to be strong. I knew this stance all too well. We approached the madam and asked if we could pray for her and the women. She agreed. As we started to pray, I began to weep. My face was buried in the back of the person in front of me. I could not handle the reality of what I was seeing and feeling. I wept loudly and uncontrollably. I was overcome with a heavy feeling of shame. God was revealing the shame I had carried myself for so many years and how these women carried that same shame.  

He told me that day that He wanted to remove my shame. Not only did he want to remove mine, but He wanted theirs too.

This became the beginning of my redemptive healing from God and eventually the birth of ReMade. 




                                               A typical "office" for women in prostitution in Nicaragua.

What is the [re]?

Our name is special and has a purpose to our mission. We have four principles that are engrained in our walk with those exploited. Our purpose and our hope is that those exploited will experience all of the below.

[re]learn - to become informed of or acquainted with. To learn the truth.

[re]concile - to restore to friendship or harmony.

[re]deem - to free from what distress or harms. To free from captivity by payment of ransom. To change for the better. To atone for.

[re]made - to become new.

We want to see those exploited become remade. The restorative care home will offer an opportunity for women wanting out of that life to receive restorative care and a chance to begin living a life of freedom and redemption.  Our objectives will be to walk alongside the women as they receive counseling, learn about self care, biblical studies and preparing them for a new life.

[re]learn - teaching women the truth of their worth and that they are loved and cherished.

[re]concile - build trusting, healthy and appropirate relationships with the women.

[re]deem - share our stories of Redemption through Jesus, His grace and His unfailing love for us.

[re]made - our heart is for women to leave the home remade. A new person with Hope. A new person healed from trauma. A new person who knows their worth in God. A new person who can love themselves and others.


Veronica Bullock

Founder & Director

Veronica's first experience with sex trafficking was in 2011 after a mission trip to Nicaragua. After knowing and seeing the impact of this injustice, she felt called to do something. After a few years of research, volunteering with other organizations, prayer and unexplained opportunities the ReMade Campaign was born. Her passion is to not only see the exploited healed and restored but to see collaboration within the community to form strong partnerships as she believes we are better together!


Ashley Perilloux

Board Member